Ruach Update

As I am extremely busy I’ve had no time to write lately. However many things have changed since then, and Shifra Ruach has been discharged from the mental hospital and given over in her uncle, Yidel Ruach’s care. Sources claim it is a good solution. My main worry is that they also belong to Satmar and will try to hide the truth from everyone about what really happened. As they are related they will naturally want to cover it up even more. How will this affect Shifra?

The way the askanim have dealt with the story is very disappointing. They made sure friends and neighbours would not visit her in the hospital. An adult woman who did go was threatened by them and has since not made any more attempts at visiting her. In fact she has been so much intimidated she does not want to discuss the matter at all.

Meanwhile I have not been notified about any extradition of Ruach. For some reason or another police has done nothing to get a hold of him as far as I have heard. Todros Grynhaus who was arrested on similar charges of child abuse and incest followed in Ruach’s footsteps;  jumped bail and escaped to Israel. However he has been extradited to Britain! How come nothing is being done about Ruach? The obvious difference between the two is Grynhaus had a British passport with which he couldn’t go out of England as he was out on bail, so he  took on a false identity. Ruach on the other hand has an Israeli passport and would not be deported for being in Israel illegally. Neither had any formal arrest  been made before he escaped, as he quickly disappeared before the police got around to arresting him.

Since the airing of Channel’s 4 program about child abuse in the haredi community, a committee for dealing with child abuse has been established by the leading rabbis in Manchester. Dayan Osher Westheim who was also filmed secretly in the BBC program discouraging going to the police along with Dayan Ephraim Padwa in London is one of those rabbis. Westheim did not forbid going to the police like Padwa, but did in no uncertain terms encourage other routes of dealing with pedophiles instead. As the committee has been established just following the program one must ask oneself how seriously it is undertaken. Will they turn over their known pedophiles to the police, including important rabbis? I think not. Look at the case of the Rabbi whose yeshiva Westheim closed… I say no more. (As England has the strictest laws of libel in the world I must watch my words. Look at Chaim Halpern who sued the blogger of Ifyoutickleus. The court made Google turn over his real name and identity! In the end it backfired at Halpern himself though, so all the worse for him!)

I urge you out there to keep your eyes and ears open about Ruach and take his picture and send it here and report him to the Israeli police. As much as the public demands his arrest the authorities are more likely to do anything about it! Any information about him or other molesters in our midst is very welcome. All you victims of abuse do not hesitate to contact me! I will try to get you the help you need!



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