Word of the day: King David on Justice

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Thy throne; mercy and truth go before Thee.

Psalms 89:15

On Monday I got this verse as I was deliberating on whether I am on the right path in publicly crying out for justice. Of course it is the right thing to do, but on the other hand it can be overpowering, especially for someone who has himself gone through abuse. Not to mention frightening considering the very real threats other public advocates have gotten from predators and their supporters.

I was happy to hear today that the well-respected Satmar Hasid Nehemya Weberman was found guilty on all accounts of his abuse of the then 12 year old Williamsburg girl. Seems sometimes justice prevails after all (though not with the help of Satmar unfortunately). It must have made the Sitra Ahra very vengeful, and who would suffer from if not Nochem Rosenberg? The story I heard from Failed Messiah was that the son of a man Rosenberg called a pedophile threw bleach at his face, and he was then rushed to the hospital.

It makes me again wonder at the Edah-Haharedith Rabbi who once told me to be careful from Mr Rosenberg, as he has a rare disease of imagining there are many more pedophiles than there really are as well as fancying himself a persecuted “walking dead man”. I think it is becoming more and more clear to all he is imagining neither.


What do you have to say on this?

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