Help in Ruach-case

I invite anyone who has pictures of the Ruachs to send them to me along with information that can help in arresting them etc. Maybe it is even information which seems irrelevant to you, but really is relevant. Just send, and I will evaluate it!


Nochem Rosenberg released

Thank God, Nochem was just released from hospital as I was writing my previous post. Please go to Failed Messiah for the whole story, as I don’t wish to merely repeat “second-hand” stories. I’m sure you will understand.

Word of the day: King David on Justice

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Thy throne; mercy and truth go before Thee.

Psalms 89:15

On Monday I got this verse as I was deliberating on whether I am on the right path in publicly crying out for justice. Of course it is the right thing to do, but on the other hand it can be overpowering, especially for someone who has himself gone through abuse. Not to mention frightening considering the very real threats other public advocates have gotten from predators and their supporters.

I was happy to hear today that the well-respected Satmar Hasid Nehemya Weberman was found guilty on all accounts of his abuse of the then 12 year old Williamsburg girl. Seems sometimes justice prevails after all (though not with the help of Satmar unfortunately). It must have made the Sitra Ahra very vengeful, and who would suffer from if not Nochem Rosenberg? The story I heard from Failed Messiah was that the son of a man Rosenberg called a pedophile threw bleach at his face, and he was then rushed to the hospital.

It makes me again wonder at the Edah-Haharedith Rabbi who once told me to be careful from Mr Rosenberg, as he has a rare disease of imagining there are many more pedophiles than there really are as well as fancying himself a persecuted “walking dead man”. I think it is becoming more and more clear to all he is imagining neither.

Modification of “The entire story of the psychopath Yosef Ruach”

Word of the day: Isaiah on his generation’s corruption

Except the Lord of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, we should have been like unto Gomorrah.

Isaiah 1:9

I’d like to modify my statement about today’s Haredi communities in “The entire story of the psychopath Yosef Ruach”.  Even though giluy arayoth is seemingly more prevalent today than most Jewish epochs, the Jewish world as a whole has not yet reached the level of Sodom and Gomorrah, only almost. But the enablers of especially the closed communities are certainly on the way to create a very flourishing sodomitical culture. Also the Prophet Isaiah compared his generation to Sodom and Gomorrah, while he says clearly they kept the Sabbath and prayed etc. (I recommend you to read the entire chapter 1 and ponder on it). What he accused them of was corruption, bad deeds and not performing justice for the abused and poor. We can say along with him: Were it not for a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, we should have been like unto Gomorrah.

This way we are certainly no better than the nations of the world. They engage in immorality, because they have no moral codes or out of religious hypocrisy. We as Haredi do it mainly because of the latter. (It is axiomatic that the religious hypocrites are not following the moral codes they espouse). What I am trying to get at is that were we to in truth follow the Torah, we would strive to eradicate evil from our midst, as when Pinchas killed the Zimri and Kozbi for their immorality. How much more so should we eradicate pedophiles from our midst? And if we do not, we are allowing it to flourish, and our Torah is lost.

Word of the day: Jeremiah on reshoim

And their carcasses will I give to be food for the fowls of the heaven, and for the beasts of the earth.

Jeremiah 19:7

God has no mercy on pedophiles and predators, unless they make sincere and complete teshuva (repentance). But only God knows the hearts of men, and we are still obligated to suspect and shy away from such lowlifes. That being said, only very few ever overcome their condition. As it says in our sources; once a person sins twice, he feels as if it’s not a sin anymore. Sexual inclinations are also known in modern psychology to be one of the most difficult things to alter. A carcass in Hebrew is nevela, the same root used to describe sexual obscenity, nevala. Their decayed bodies are only fit to be eaten by fowls and beasts, as they stooped to their level and became rotten inside from their obscene actions.

Hashem sent me this verse yesterday to strengthen my resolve to fight the perversion in our midst. Thus it really belongs to Friday. The following verse was given me today:

But You, O God, will bring them down into the nethermost pit; men of blood and deceit shall not live out half their days; but as for me, I will trust in You.

Psalms 55:24

Reb Chaim Vital wrote in his Sefer Hachiziyonoth disproportionately much (so it seems to us) about the perverse of his generation, naming and shaming important leaders of his day. He did not seem to shy away from this due to the hazard of  lascivious speech (nibul peh). On the opposite, by speaking out against these perverts he was fighting the impurity and thus purifying his generation. Today’s haredi Judaism has unfortunately adopted many false world views which really go against the grain of the Torah. We are afraid to speak about the evil, imagining that if we avoid mentioning it it will cease to exist. Instead of fighting evil we spread love and goodness and good deeds (in the good case scenario). This is either a thwarted Christian or hippy “Peace and love” idea, but it has no source in the Torah. If you have ever read the Tanach you will find it is rife with zealots fighting the evil by sword and by mouth. Of course we must also spread love and good deeds, but this in no way exempts us from our battle with the powers of impurity (Kochoth Hatuma).

The entire story of the psychopath Yosef Ruach


Wanted Yosef Ruach

Yosef Ruach, son of Amram and Mariette Ruach, who  reside currently in Kiryat Sefer in Israel, is a Rachmastrivka Hasid of 48. He wears a long, black coat and round hat with his side locks behind his ears. On the Sabbath he sports a distinctive Hasidic fur hat, a shtreimel. He has a brother Yidel, seen to be a good person, who like his brother moved to Manchester, England. Yosef divorced his first wife allegedly because “she was not religious enough”, although in fact it was the other way around. He went on to marry Tamar Cohen.

Yosef’s parents, as they are of a sickly constitution, follow a strict diet, which Yosef once claimed to have tried with his family. He himself suffers from severe stomach ailments. Yet Yosef and Tamar never managed to follow through with his parents’ diet, since according to them, they got a lot of headaches from it as they never sleep enough (wonder why?). They have 7 children together, of whom 4 are now in a mental hospital, and one of them, Nuchem, tried to commit suicide 5 years ago.

Some 15 years ago or more Yosef moved with his family to Salford and resided in Lower Broughton Road and then  moved  in November 2009 to Wellington Street East. He learned in the Beith Hamidrash Hechadash in the Nets Kollel and later went on to be the Rosh Chabura there. On the outside he was conceived as somewhat of a scholar, and his wife had a merry and simple countenance, which easily could deceive outsiders. Yet apparently parts of the Satmar community in Salford knew for years what went on behind the four walls of their house.

What ruined the familial and communal bliss? In September his youngest 13 year old daughter, Shifra, got impregnated by her father. She could not walk and was obviously not feeling well. The Satmar run girls school Beis Ruchel called a child psychologist, and she was sent for a mere 45 minutes session with her, apparently too short a time to alerted to signs of the abuse. No further action was taken on Satmar’s part. Yet in the end she was taken to St. Mary’s hospital as she was obviously pregnant. Upon inquiry she told them her father was indeed the father of the unborn child. The school still covered it and said she has an infection in the brain. To this day Satmar hasidim don’t as a rule speak about it as Yosef’s brother is a respected member of Satmar in Northumberland 11, and well, they are generally known to be habitual liars, especially on such matters. It is nevertheless on everyone’s tongue.

The father kept molesting the little boy of six, Yochanan, and the eldest daughter, Chana. Then he went to threaten Shifra in the psychiatric department for telling on him, and he got caught on camera beating her up. The hospital decided to report Yosef only after he left, and when the police tried to arrest him he fled to Israel through Brazil followed by his wife and two kids, all with the help of Satmar. He still tries to kidnap his daughter from the mental institution. The hospital is now looking for a foster home for the girl. It is a daunting task. On the one hand they understand she needs a Jewish community; on the other hand they fear that the Satmar cult will kidnap her.

Yosef would hit his wife violently and punish his children by having them sleep overnight in the street. Strange behaviour, such as the children occasionally knocking on the front door for hours in the morning without anyone opening, left neighbours puzzled. Chana’s twin brother, Elchonon, would behave in a very strange manner. He was seen running as if in flight in the streets, stooping forward and blocking his eyes full of fright. He’d turn away from people grasping on to the wall. All the children were very clingy, and more or less would walk around as if in a constant state of shock. At most they would give shy smiles and speak in a frightening whisper. They were generally thin and both physically and mentally fragile. It did seem something was lacking, yet who would have imagined that Yosef performed incestal relations with the children in front of the whole family and even forced his sons to have sex with their own mother, as the eldest son Moshe (who married and had a child with Hochhauser in London and got divorced because of his mental issues) confirmed to his therapist?

Also Elchonon told a friend in Satmar about the abuse, yet he was told to shut up. The official story was that he started stealing and becoming less diligent in studies, and so he was sent to another family in Israel, really a psychiatric institution. When others tried to dig more, she said he has problems that he doesn’t want to talk about. All he wanted to say is that “the brothers did something to him”. This fit well with the story her psychopathic husband spread around in 2010: One fateful night many years ago when his youngest children were small, they went to a wedding and left them with two female, American babysitters. The story ended with them raping the boys, incredible as it may sound. Ruach claimed this was only lately revealed to the boys’ therapists. He then went on to ask  for charity to cover the expenses of his children’s psychology bills, which undoubtedly went straight into his own pocket.

His wife is complicit in his crimes; please do not take her for a fool! Even as we are speaking they are living together in Yoel Street in the Beit Israel neighbourhood in Jerusalem. She is faithfully by this monster’s side for some twenty years! “Yossel” goes to pray in the local Satmar synagogue, while his own children are losing or have already lost their mind. Sources claim his children to be with his parents in Kiryat Sefer. There have been unsubstantiated rumours that Yosef and Tamar are in a mental home in Israel. These have been created by friends and family, who want to protect them.

Now this is the real reason that some of the Rabbis want to ban the Internet! They do not want you to read blogs like this and become conscious of the problems within our midst! We are not saying the haredi Jews are worse than others, yet we have truly stooped to the level of the nations. Broughton Park, Borough Park, Stamford Hill and Jerusalem etc. are no better than the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.